The CoachTrack™ Team

David Poitras, CIS
President, Chief Programmer
Eclipse Computing Ltd.

As the president of my own computer programming company, Eclipse Computing Ltd., I've developed professional computer applications for two decades. CoachTrack™ was developed when I was asked by coach Karin Bauer to design an easy to use software program to organize her coaching practice. CoachTrack™ developed from there into a professionally recognized client management software.

After several years of research and development, CoachTrack™ has been in existance and used by coaches internationally since March 2001. We have a professional affiliation with ICF (International Coaching Federation) and present CoachTrack™ every year at the conferences. It is a software that we are extremely proud of. It is the result of countless, dedicated hours of collaboration and applied expertise. Our commitment is to provide you, the coach with a high quality product that can be easily used. I think you'll be truly impressed.

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Elsbeth Tate, CTM, CL, CPCC, PCC
Co-Designer, Software Rep

I am excited to share with you the CoachTrack™ Client Management Software. If you are a coach looking to get on track and stay organized with your client information, you will love this software. Managing your files can be done so easily and effortlessly with this software, you'll be amazed.

Please talk to me about the features and benefits you will gain in your coaching business with CoachTrack. I will explain to you how it can save you time, help you attract more business, send out your invoices, and be organized. I'm the software representative for this program as well as a coach, and can speak to you from my own experience: I highly recommend the CoachTrack™ software, as I have yet to find anything comparable on the market. I look forward to speaking with you!

For Information on CoachTrack™, call Elsbeth at 1-905-642-6283 or to send your inquiry or