"I have been using CoachTrack Software in my coaching practice for half a year now and it has made my work more efficient and organized. I no longer have my client files in different places in big paper files. With the touch of a button, I have my clients information in one place, right in front of me and my desk stays organized. Another big benefit of CoachTack Software is the resources list which I use as an ongoing collection of resources for workshops, speeches and for my clients."
- Iris Grimm, Peak Performance Coach & Speaker, Atlanta

"I bought the software at the ICF conference a couple of weeks ago -- I rarely buy anything at conferences, but this impressed the heck out of me, especially (although certainly not exclusively) for self-employed coaches, those responsible for their own scheduling, billing, etc."
- Ariane Cherbuliez, Certified Co-Active Coach, Cambridge, MA

"I usually have two words for most Coach solution applications, they are: "nice try", however for this package I say: "RIGHT ON!". Rather than have a list of things I would do differently, I have a list of things I love. CoachTrack has solved my billing and tracking issue for sure. I love it!"
- Merv Rogers, Coach

"CoachTrack is an excellent software package to efficiently organize my practice. Easy to use, tailored to the coaching profession, ready assistance with the package if needed - all of this has been a welcome and much needed tool for me in order to focus on what I do best - coach!"
- Dr.Jeannie Campanelli, Ed.D. CPCC

"CoachTrack is awesome. It is a program any coach can use, in any country. Coaches live in many different countries and continents. I wanted to design a program that any coach anywhere can utilize, internationally. It is a comprehensive software program - it is so easy to get used to using - CoachTrack seriously kicks butt!"
- Karin Bauer, BSW, Career Track Coach

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